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So I Quit Motivation... Now What?

The most effective way to do it, is to do it. - Amelia Earhart

So now that I've decided quit motivation, what is the next step?  I've given this quite a bit of thought over the last two days and asked myself "if I quit motivation, then what is going to motivate me?".  The answer is so simple.  

‘DO YOU KNOW YOUR WHY? The purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you to do what you do?’

Simon Sinek

The only thing that truly motivates people is knowing WHY you are doing it.  My latest presentation was created for my direct boss.  He is an extremely successful entrepreneur that refuses to give up on his ultimate dream.  Working on this presentation and getting to know his journey from a personal perspective forms a large part of my frustration.  I saw how seemingly insurmountable problems were in fact a part of his overall success.  I focussed on how this one man started - without a degree, very little money (almost none) and no experience in the field he was entering in to.  But he did it anyway and succeeded.

"Do it afraid" - Joyce Meyer

I cannot tell you how many times I have preached these words, to myself and to others.  I firmly believe that if you aren’t afraid when taking new risks, then you aren’t doing it properly.  I have taken the risks, I’ve done it afraid.  So why the hell has nothing changed?  I am still working in a mundane, uninteresting and stagnant job.  Sometimes I feel like Edward Norton in Fight Club, and Kacey Musgraves sums it up beautifully in her song “Blowin’ Smoke”

“We all say that we’ll quit one day, when our nerves ain’t shot and our hands don’t shake… I’m just blowing, smoke

So what did my boss do differently?  Something I hear very often is how I have a great attitude.  I have heard it so many times in recent months that I actually get embarrassed.  It’s not that I struggle with compliments, it’s because I do have a great attitude but I’ve done nothing of value with it.  I’ve used it incorrectly by allowing myself to be bullied because I choose to turn the other cheek.  I have accepted persecution in the workplace because I believe in respecting my seniors regardless of whether they are right or not.  I have very successfully used my great attitude to stop me from moving forward. 

So… what do I do with this information now?  First thing is first.  I must turn my focus back to my “WHY”.  Once I can let this settle deep within my core, I must create a plan of action.  I will spend some time this weekend to focus on these steps.  I usually go straight to focussing on the desired end result, but I will not go there just yet. I am tackling an elephant, not a hamburger, so small bites.

I’d like to leave you with an article I read last night on Emotional Intelligence.  It helped me to gain some introspect of some parts of me I have neglected and need some work.  Self-awareness is high on my list of personal priorities because that’s what keeps me in touch with me.  And that isn’t that where all of this starts? 

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