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Coffee and Cupcakes

Making room for small indulgences

No thanks, I'm on a diet... is something I never say!  I have good eating habits and generally stick to a balanced lifestyle. I also have cappuccinos and cake whenever my heart desires.
I never turn down a piece of cake or a cappuccino when offered.  And when it's not on offer, I will go out of my way to get one.  I will take the time to drive to a bakery and carefully select a delicious and huge piece of cake or anything that makes my heart beat faster (technically speaking, if I did this too often it might make my heart beat slower)!  Well let's say my mouth has to water for it.  That is my body responding to the goodness it has witnessed and nodding in absolute approval.
Comfort eating has earned itself a bad reputation because it's automatically associated to over-eating. It's the "fall guy" for emotional eating and that's not right!
When the need for sweet arises, I give in.  It boosts my mood and gives me something to enjoy in the midst of chaos.  I do it guilt free and openly.  I have no shame in doing something nice for myself.
So when going gets tough, I choose to have my cake and eat it.  And it's totally worth it!
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